Medical staff appeal

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Medical staff appeal

Post by MetaphysicalBeing » 20 Sep 2017, 10:20

Your Byond ID:MetaphysicalPersona

Character Name:Roovic Eins

Type Of Ban :Job ban

Admin who banned you :I Do not remember.

Total Ban Duration:Unlimited

Remaining Duration:Unlimited

What other servers do you play on None

Are you now or have you been banned on any of them N/A

Reason for ban : (Doctor) I was mislabeling pills and foolish marines did not take my warning of taking one pill only and some died

(CMO) As a CMO I was being selfless going down to a the planetside doing research with my researcher because they wanted me to accompany them to gather science equipment, though I did not get permission to go down but I still went down leaving med bay which I was told it's a must to watch over if you are CMO.

(Researcher) For researcher I did the same thing but not to be selfless but to gather science equipment as well, I thought it was okay to do so being that I am not CMO and I don't need to watch over the medbay, further info I did not have permission but no one responded to my request be that it was lowpop.

Link to previous appeals for the same ban : ... 87&t=14774

Your appeal, including evidence (screenshots, etc): What I have done was silly as a CMO and a researcher, I now know the importance of being CMO regardless of the status of the server I must watch over medbay and speak to higher ups for permissions and for researcher I will do the same and remember my place. For doctor I will no longer distribute pills that can kill someone easily publicly.

I apologize for my actions.

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Re: Medical staff appeal

Post by Tidomann » 20 Sep 2017, 10:52

Forums Rule 4. If your appeal is denied, you cannot post another appeal for 30 days.

Player notes:
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Regarding heading planetside without permission,
  • Warned on 7th September
  • CMO job ban, staff PMs on 9th September:

Code: Select all

[04:10:10]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Just doublechecking, you did get permission from the acting commander to head down right?
[04:10:23]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : Umm, yes I think.
[04:10:31]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): You think?
[04:10:33]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : I asked the LT
[04:10:53]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Who is the LT you asked?
[04:11:00]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : And I gave permission to send down assistant
[04:11:09]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : Umm Claiire?
[04:12:06]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): > Yes and i am not launching it since you don't have permission to go down
[04:12:10]ADMIN: ZDashe jumped to MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)
[04:12:19]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : She said that?
[04:12:40]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Then what did she "say" to you?
[04:12:55]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : I forgot honestly
[04:13:16]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : I'm justr trying to assist my assistant, they wanted me down.
[04:13:20]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Then you don't have permission to go down. You're the head of your department event
[04:13:23]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): even*
[04:13:38]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Let this be a warning
[04:13:47]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : Okay...
[04:13:56]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Actually I see you have ALREADY been warned before
[04:13:59]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : Should I head up?
[04:14:09]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Tell me why I shouldn't just job ban you?
[04:14:13]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : I was I remember now.
[04:14:28]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : Well I did this out of generosity to my researcher.
[04:14:38]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): So that's an excuse for breaking server rules?
[04:14:44]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : They wanted me to ocompanny then to science department,
[04:15:07]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : Well she told me to hurry and get on the ship and I just ran on forgetting....
[04:15:19]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : I just came backk from AFK....
[04:15:25]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : It was sudden.
[04:16:01]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : Will you show me mercy for my selflessness?
[04:17:22]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): You need EXPLICIT permission to head down, not decide on your own and think it's ok. Especially when the SO expressed not to.
[04:17:48]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : I understand....
[04:18:28]ADMIN: ZDashe perma-banned MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins) from Chief Medical Officer
[04:18:59]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : Do I need to appeal this on the forums?
[04:19:27]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Yes, but don't expect it to be lifted so soon, especially when all this happened too recently and too frequently
[04:20:47]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): And you still decided to stay on the surface eh?
[04:20:54]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : No....
[04:21:12]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : The ship took off...
[04:21:21]ADMIN: PM: ZDashe ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): And you got off the ship that took off
[04:21:38]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : I was checking to see if anyone was nearby...
[04:21:46]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : It was empty...
[04:21:56]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : I thought the PO was gone.
[04:22:13]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : Please have mercy upon me.
[04:22:26]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->ZDashe : I'm just trying to be a good person. 
  • Researcher job ban staff PMs on 10th September:

Code: Select all

[04:09:29]ADMIN: PM: Robotonic ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Explain why you're planetside.
[04:09:51]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->Robotonic : Lookming for science equipment, but got caught in a fire foight
[04:10:07]ADMIN: PM: Robotonic ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Right, so that's why you're manning a machine-gun as a civilian without permission from the CO?
[04:10:34]ADMIN: PM: Robotonic ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Or rather, planetside without permission whilst front-lining as a civilian researcher.
[04:10:36]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->Robotonic : It was in the moment... I don't have any weapns though.
[04:10:46]ADMIN: PM: Robotonic ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Okay, so you never got permission to head planetside?
[04:11:06]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->Robotonic : No, there was not acting in command when I went down.
[04:11:30]ADMIN: PM: Robotonic ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): There has been an acting commander the entire round. There has also been a CMO. 
[04:11:56]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->Robotonic : Oh, well I asked and noone responded...
[04:12:19]ADMIN: PM: Robotonic ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): So you went with permission anyway? After being job-banned for the exact same reason just yesterday?
[04:12:26]ADMIN: PM: Robotonic ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Without permission, rather.
[04:12:48]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->Robotonic : I was told not to as CMO, not as a researcher. I thought it was different...
[04:13:04]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->Robotonic : I was told CMO has to watch over medbay.
[04:13:39]ADMIN: PM: Robotonic ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Then you obviously haven't read our rules about deploying to the planet as a crewmember. I'm giving you a job-ban from researcher. You will have to appeal this on the forums.
[04:14:05]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->Robotonic : I understand, I guess the rules have been updated?
[04:14:24]ADMIN: PM: Robotonic ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): No. They've been there for about four months now.
[04:14:40]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->Robotonic : Alright.
[04:14:58]ADMIN: PM: MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins)->Robotonic : If I get the opertunity I'll head up.
[04:15:33]ADMIN: Robotonic  perma-banned MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins) from Researcher
[04:16:03]ADMIN: PM: Robotonic ->MetaphysicalPersona/(Roovic Eins): Right. Head to the ship the next landing the dropship makes or we're going to have issues. 
Zdashe wrote:Regarding the "Vampire Blood", I have personally seen this on at least 4 rounds by now, and it always ends up with either getting shut down by the CO (Field executed) /MP (investigated)/CMO (denied distribution). Would imagine you'd have stopped trying by now after people kept getting ODed from your misleadingly labelled pills.

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Re: Medical staff appeal

Post by Jay Burns » 20 Sep 2017, 11:40

Posted an appeal before 30 days after his last one. Locked.