Weyland-Yutani PMCs

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Weyland-Yutani PMC
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Corporate Liaison, Weyland-Yutani
Duties: Protect the Corporate Liaison and W-Y's interests, secure the Almayer
Guides: This one

Weyland-Yutani PMCs are military personnel owned and operated by Weyland-Yutani. They are equipped with advanced modern military equipment and weaponry akin to the USCM and similar national militaries.


WY PMCs are the most similar ERT in playstyle to the US Colonial Marines, as PMCs operate similar weapons and equipment. Unlike the USCM, the PMCs are significantly better funded and equipped, thus they come with more powerful, but expensive, weapons and support equipment.

The PMCs operate under a more rigid command structure, with far more highly specialised roles dictating a soldiers designation in a squad, unlike the more flexible USCM Specialist system.

One advantage of the PMCs is that they're stronger than most ERT squads and they carry stronger weapons and equipment than all of the ERTs alike (Besides the Commandos). However, they lack medics. So make sure that your team stays alive and well without being hit or crushed. These people play on the offensive and they have Sniper and a Smartgunner to provide support for their fellow soldiers.


Following the defeat of the Dust Raiders and the withdrawal of the United Americas of the Tychon's Rift sector, a group of employees became skilled mercenaries. They are part of Weyland Yutani Task Force Oberon that was stationed aboard the USCSS Royce, a powerful Weyland-Yutani cruiser that patrols the outer edges of Tychon's Rift. Under the directive of Weyland-Yutani board member Johan Almric, they act as private security for Weyland Yutani science teams. The USCSS Royce contains a crew of roughly two hundred PMCs, and one hundred scientists and support personnel.

Standing Orders

The WY PMC's are under the direct command of the Weyland Yutani Corporate Liaison, the primary objective of the PMC's is the survival of the Corporate Liaison. If the Liaison is dead they will report to the highest ranking Marine Officer alive. Once the safety of the Liaison is assured the PMC's can then take suggestions on how to best contain the assault on the Almayer.

DO NOTE: There's a chance for the PMCs to be aware or unaware of the xenomorphic threat, the details are located in the backstory when you spawn.

WY PMC Roles

PMC Role Description
PMC Tactical Responder (PMC Standard)
Equipped with a standard issue M39B/2 Submachine gun with armor piercing ammunition or the

M240 Incinerator Unit. While they may appear as an underwhelming threat, but their superior armor lets them soak a lot of damage and their SMG or Flamethower is on par if not better than the M41A Mk2.

PMC Heavy Gunner (PMC Specialist)
Equipped with a M56 Smartgun and reinforced armor. The PMC Specialist is capable of laying down a significant amount of firepower akin to USCM Smartgun.
PMC Sniper.png
PMC Sniper
Equipped with M42C Anti-Tank Rifle and scout armor. Their unique sniper allows the PMC Sniper to deal massive amounts of damage in comparison to their USCM counterpart, however they are lacking in close quarters deterrents.
PMC Team Leader (PMC Officer)
Commander of the PMC force. Equipped with an advance M41A/2 Battle Rifle and a VP78 Pistol. The Officer's job is to direct the PMC squad on their mission. The Officer, unlike their USCM counterpart, is significantly more well armed and thus a deadly combatant in the field.