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This is the current timeline of events in the Colonial Marines universe. While inspired by the Alien Franchise, it takes place in a separate "branch" universe parallel to both the Aliens universe and our own. All of this lore, is fictional, and inspired by historical events.

3.2 Billion BC to 1550AD

This is the time during which Earth was used as an experiment by a currently unknown alien species.

3.2 Billion BC to 66 Million BC

An unknown alien race arrives on earth and initiate an experiment on earth-earth by leaving source DNA in an attempt to eventually create an intelligent life-form. The race tracks the progress of the life-forms, but sees limited intelligence that would not apply to their use. The declare the experiment a failure, and use an asteroid to cause a mass extinction.

66 Million BC to 35000 BC

Shortly after the extinction, the aliens check back to start the experiment again, but notice that another species is beginning to evolve, and although it is a primitive ape, it is displaying the brain capacity necessary for higher thought. A specific female is chosen (eventually known as "Mitochondrial Eve") to receive a genetic "boost" from the aliens allowing her children to have an advantage over others, to create a race that will serve their needs.

35000BC to 5000BC

The extinction of other large ape species is completed through artificial selection. "Humans" are now the dominant species on the planet. The aliens begin closely monitoring the humans.

5000BC to 2100BC

A series of genetically modified aliens created to be compatible with the humans are placed in central locations around the world, including South America, Asia, and Egypt. These aliens ingrain themselves as considered "gods" among the humans and treated as such. They push forward the agenda of the original aliens, to create a "slave race". All proceeds according to play until around 2100 BC.

2100 BC

A series of events results in a slave rebellion in the capital city of the "aliens", resulting in it's destruction, and remaining aliens leaving the planet.

1002 AD

The aliens return, and attempt to re-assert their control, but are unable to do so as many branch religions do not accept them. They decide that another extinction is necessary for earth, but this time, the entire planet. Select strains of DNA are chosen to begin the project again, and development begins on a method to ensure total extinction.

1025 AD

An outpost on a planet is given the task of weaponizing a recently discovered parasitic life-form for use on earth. After the early stages of testing, the outpost ((LV-624)) is decimated and lost. The alien race leaves this galaxy, and is not heard from again.

1119 AD

The discovery of an ancient city with advanced technology off the western coast of Europe is made. After several years of study, the city is determined to be not from earth in Origin, and it's purpose discovered. A secret group known as the Knights Templar is formed with the goal of recovering the lost artifacts through any means, and preventing their use.

October 1307 AD

King Phillip the IV of France heads a conspiracy to seize control of the Ancient city and it's riches. An order is issued by the king and overnight, the Knights Templar are decimated. In secret, a single Templar fleet that had been alerted to the conspiracy leaves from Britain with the orders vast sums of gold and all of it's advanced technology. It stops at the ancient city and sinks it into the ocean, forever placing it out of French reach, before heading to the west seas, never to be heard from again.


Columbus discovers the Western Continents. After further investigations, it is found that many there are still worshiping the aliens, despite having them absent for centuries. Reports reach back to the few remaining Knights Templar, who have been living in secret passing their ways on to their children. The Knights Templar reform themselves as a secret group under the name "Golden Dawn". Their agents being to infiltrate the British and Spanish government, as well as fleets heading to the New World, with the goal of destroying any evidence of the Alien false-gods.


The final remnants of the Alien "gods" fall of the Mayan Empire and are erased from history through the burning off all Mayan records by members of "Golden Dawn". A vow is made, to protect all people on earth from the influence of these aliens until the end of time. Shortly after, any mention of "Golden Dawn" vanishes from history.

Modern Times


A German fishing ship pulls up strange artifacts from off the coast of France with it's nets. The artifacts are of unknown origin and advanced make. They are taken by the state. These items are used by the Nazi Regime to boost their manufacturing capabilities and technologies. Adolf Hitler has the technology used to advance the Nazi Weapon programs. During the invasion of Germany, much of the technology is recovered by the Americans and with the assistance of the British, the sunken city is located, however technology does not exist to easily recover items, and most is done by dropping nets and hoping. By chance, a Zero-Point Power Supply is recovered, and provides the final piece of the puzzle for the Atomic Bomb. "Golden Dawn" discovers that the Americans have located the city, and begin secretly working with the American and British Government.


Members of the secret group "Golden Dawn" form NASA with the United States and following Operation Paperclip, retrieve as much of the technology and they can from the sunken city. During this time, a return signal is accidently sent from the outpost, causing an empty oribiting alien craft to crash in Roswell New Mexico. The craft contains information about an outpost on the moon. Russia receives this information as well, and a Race to capture the outpost on the moon begins. It ends in 1969, with Neil Armstong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the moon and securing the Outpost for the Americans. Using information provided by the former "Golden Dawn" group, the outpost defenses were activated, preventing Russians from ever landing on the moon, and taking much of the steam out of the soviet program. With no nearby goals, the program went into dis-use under Leonid Brezhnev.


During this time, NASA retrieved small amounts of technology and information, but was limited with what it could bring back. Apollo 17 was supposed to establish a method to bring back much more technology, however, on their departure the outpost destruct system was accidentally activated, resulting in the total destruction of the outpost and all remaining technology. Angry at this, "Golden Dawn" is shut down by the US and Britan and it's members pushed out of it's partnership. NASA converts completely to control by the United States.


USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev meets with US President Ronald Reagan about the reunification of Germany. Russian Extremeists object to this and attack the meeting. Both Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan are killed. The attacks spark several small fights across the USSR, resulting in an attempt at revolution. President Boris Yeltzin took control of the situation, and prevented a revolution, as well as solidified the USSR. Increased relations with the United States resulted in the Shared Technology And Information Act, which governs sharing technologies developed by both countries with each other. Vice President George H. W. Bush becomes the President of the United States.


Peter Weyland was born in Cardiff, Britain, the son of two former members of the now defunct "Golden Dawn" group. Through his life, they will instill a love of technology in him, as well as the history of their former order.


Weyland Corporation is recognized as a legal entity and corporation under United States law and receives their Certificate of Incorporation from the Companies House in the United Kingdom.


Using technology inspired by information passed on to him by his parents, Peter Weyland develops an atmospheric Synthesizer, capable of filtering specific toxins from the atmosphere as well as maintaining localized temperatures on a massive scale.. A test above the North Pole, results in nearly a complete stop to Global Warming almost over-night. The USSR and United States purchase large numbers of these Synthesizers and place them across the planet, stabilizing earth's temperature and weather for hundreds of years. Peter Weyland enters into a contract NASA to deploy the synthesizers on Mars, but moves on himself to a new project: Artificial Intelligence.


Using technology from Weyland Industries, the existence of complex life is confirmed on Jupiter's moon Europa in the form of squid-like creatures in the oceans beneath the planets surface.


Establishment of the first Martian outpost by a joint USSR/US group through Weyland funding and technology. It began with the installation of the first off-world Atmospheric Synthesizers. In just 5 years, 6 synthesizers convert Mars to a breathable atmosphere, paving the way for future colonization.


Peter Weyland finishes his first prototype of a fully autonomous intelligent android, code-named "David". A series of debates follows his winning of the Nobel Prize, and the determination of "limiting" the intelligence of androids and using them as workers in dangerous environments.


Peter Weyland funds a secret expedition to Earth's Moon, which recovers several starmaps from the rubble of the outpost destroyed 60 years earlier.


Using the secret starmaps, Peter Weyland announces a plan to colonize additional planets. Tensions between the US and the USSR rise, as Weyland Industries refuses to comply with the Shared Technology and Information Act, seen as a violation by the Russian Forces. In order to avoid legal reprocussions from the United States, Weyland moves it's base of operations to it's Martian Colony, which is outside the range of both laws and has declares itself "Mars One".


A returning Japanese atmospheric scientist that spent years at the Martian outpost, patents several designs he made to improve the atmospheric processors. Weyland corporation files charges, but as they are on Mars, they are considered outside Earth's legal system.


Hailed as one of the fastest growing companies, Yutani Corporation employs nearly everyone who returns to earth from Mars One, and has developed an advanced biotechnology research branch. They begin developing ships to seed planets with advanced atmospheric synthesizers, so that colony ships can be launched following them to land on earth-like planets.


Earth begins the development of a governing system to govern off-world human colonies. Most advanced Countries partner with either the USSR or the United States, with China being the primary Exception. The Mars One colony sides with the United States, on the condition of Weylands Exemption from the Shared Technology and Information Act.


Weyland Industries announces the successful test of the first Faster Than Light ships. Still requiring VAST amounts of power, most of the initial FTL ships are limited to the smaller Seed-ships, which are sent to seed planets for future colonization.


The second generation of FTL drive is developed by Yutani and offered to both the United States and the USSR at low cost. Peter Weyland then purcahses the Yutani Corporation for a large undisclosed sum, and merges it with Weyland Industries, creating Weyland-Yutani Group, and solidifying his hold on space exploration and colonization.


First Extra-Solar colony in human history is established by the W-Y group.


Peter Weyland steps down as the CEO of W-Y Group, and is not recorded in history again.


Several additional colonies have been established, and "Space Pirates" begin to target Colony and transport ships. The United States forms the USSF (United States Space Forces) to patrol the routes between colonies and Earth.


After a rebellion at a fringe world, the USSF creates the United States Colonial Marine corps, a sub-group of the USSF. Their goal is to enforce Colonial Law and work as first responders to Colonial Distress Signals. Also, several Private Military Corporations begin to pop up from many nations across the world, including the Iron Bears.


USS Constitution enters service as the first USCM ship. Designed to transport an entire batallion of Colonial Marines, it's capable of providing nearly any type of support a colony in distress would need for the short term from medical assistance, to large military mobilization.


Ellen Ripley is born and the USS Sephora enters active service.


W-Y establishes several mining colonies on the outer rim, as well as a space-prison which is used to hold violent offenders of crimes under the jurisdiction of the USSF.


USS Sulaco is comissioned as the 5th ship in the USCM fleet. It was outfitted with the latest FTL drive (because of a generous donation from W-Y), allowing transportation across the entire galaxy in mere days (previously taking several months). However, due to the massive power-draws and danger, the majority of the crew must be in stasis for the trip or when not needed. Additionally, it has become the first ship with a permanent Civilian Liason from W-Y stationed aboard.

April 2150

Current Date

Weyland-Yutani Corporation contacts the USCM about a distress signal from one of their installations. The USS Sulaco is dispatched.