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This is the current timeline of events in the Colonial Marines universe. While inspired by the Alien Franchise, it takes place in a separate "branch" universe parallel to both the Aliens universe and our own. All of this lore, is fictional, and inspired by historical events.


Year: Events Of That Year:

The Val Verde incident takes place.

1990, Oct 1

Peter Weyland is born in Mumbai.

2012, Oct 11:

Weyland Corporation is recognized as a legal entity under U.S. law.

2015, Mar 27:

Weyland Corporation takes first steps to create renewable energy.

2016, Feb 2:

Weyland Corporation reverses global warming.

2022, June 1:

Weyland Corporation cures 98% of all cancer types.

2025, Jan 7:

The first android, David 1, is created by Weyland Corporation.

2028, May 20:

Hypersleep is discovered by the Weyland Corporation

2029, Dec 12:

Yutani Corporation files a lawsuit against Weyland Corporation over David series.

2031, Aug 10:

Terraforming begins on Luna.

2032, May 20:

Faster than light travel is finally a reality due to Weyland Corporation.


Seegson Corporation enters the space race as a competitor to Weyland Corporation.

2056, Jan 29:

The Powerloader is patented by Weyland Corporation.

2065, June 23:

Sir Peter Weyland Memorial Library built in Washington, DC.


Sieg family sell their shares back into the company, spurring growth.

2073, Jan 1:

Project Prometheus is launched as the first voyage to a distant star system.


Weyland Corporation acquires Yutani Corporation to become Weyland-Yutani.


The National Security Act of 2101 establishes the United States Colonial Marines, roughly 160,000 strong.


United Americas is formed, a NATO-like coalition of friendly nations.


Sevastopol station comes online, two years behind schedule.

2137, Nov 21:

Weyland-Yutani purchases Sevastopol station.


Hadley’s Hope colony is established on Acheron LV-426.


Tientsin (Eta Boötis A III) campaign is fought by the USCM, 240,000 strong.

  • The M41A pulse rifle enters basic USCM service.
  • The Cristóbal Massacre takes place, leading to growing tensions in the colonies.

USS Almayer is christened.


USS Almayer is retrofitted and begins patrolling Weyland-Yutani outer-rim colonies.

  • Hadley’s Hope goes dark; USS Sulaco is sent to investigate and subsequently goes missing.
  • USS Sephora, dispatched to investigate the USS Sulaco, goes missing.
2181, Oct:

The Dust Raiders with their flagship the USS Alistoun withdraw from the Tychon Rift Sector.


Space Beast, written by Robert Morse, is published and banned.


Current year.