Supply Crates

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Name Cost in supply points Contents
Special Ops supplies 50 2x Suppressor

2x Red Dot Sight

2x M40 HSDP smoke grenade

2x SWAT mask

2x Webbing

Rail Attachments crate 40 2x Red Dot Sight

1x Rail Scope

2x Magnetic Harness

1x Quickfire Adapter

Muzzle Attachments crate 40 1x Suppressor

1x Bayonet

1x Extended Barrel

1x Barrel Charger

1x Recoil Compensator

Underbarrel Attachments crate 40 1x Burst Fire Assembly

1x Gyroscopic Stabilizer

1x Bipod

1x Forward Grip

1x Mini Flamethrower

1x Masterkey Shotgun

Stock Attachments crate 40 2x M44 magnum sharpshooter stock

2x M41A skeleton stock

2x M37 wooden stock

Squad Beacons crate 30 2x Squad Supply Beacon

2x Orbital Beacon

Webbings and Gun Belts crate 40 1x Shoulder holster

1x Brown webbing vest

4x Webbing

1x M276 pattern M4A3 holster rig

1x M276 pattern m44 holster rig

Explosives crate 50 3x M20 mine box

2x M40 HEDP grenade

2x M40 HIDP incendiary grenade

2x M15 fragmentation grenade

Contraband crate 50 ?


Name Cost in supply points Contents
UA 571-C sentry crate 120 1x Sentry crate
Weyland-Yutani firearms (x3) 40 3x Random W-Y weapon selection:

Possibly: Heavy Pulse Rifle Marksman Rifle M4A3 pistol M41a Rifle M37 shotgun M39 SMG M44 revolver

M240 Incinerator crate 30 3x M240 Incinerator Unit

3x Fuel Tank

Black Market firearm (x1) 25  ?


Name Cost in supply points Contents
Regular Magazine crate 30  ?
Extended Magazine crate (M41A, M4A3, M39) 30 2x M41A extended magazine (10x24mm)

2x M4A3 extended magazine (9mm)

2x M39 extended magazine (10x20mm)

Armor Piercing Magazine crate (M41A, M4A3, M39) 30 2x M41A AP magazine (10x24mm)

2x M4A3 AP magazine (9mm)

2x M39 AP magazine (10x20mm)

Surplus Ammo crate 50 Can contain any ammo type but it's down to chance in what mags you receive.
Specialist Ammo crate (M42c, M56) 50 2x M56 powerpack

1x M42A marksman magazine (10x28mm Caseless)

1x M42A flak magazine (10x28mm)

1x M42A incendiary magazine (10x28mm)

Explosive Ammo crate (SADAR rockets) 30 2x 84mm high-explosive rocket

2x 84mm anti-armor rocket

2x 84mm white-phosphorus rocket

UA 571-C Sentry ammunition 60 ?
Black Market ammo crate 40 ?


Name Cost in supply points Contents
M3 Pattern armor crate 30 5x M10 pattern marine helmet

5x M3 pattern marine armor

M3 Pattern Squad Leader crate 30 1x M11 pattern leader helmet

1x B12 pattern leader armor


Name Cost in supply points Contents
Kitchen supply crate 15 4x Flour Bag

2x Milk

1x Egg Box

2x Tofu

2x Meat

2x Banana

USCM MRE crate 10 5x MRE
Weyland-Yutani brand MRE crate 12 5x W-Y MRE
Monkey crate 20 1x Monkey Cube Box
Oxygen Internals crate 10 3x Gas Mask

3x Oxygen Tank

Emergency equipment 15 2x Emergency toolbox

2x Hazard vest

5x Emergency oxygen tank

5x Gas mask

Janitorial Supplies 15 3x Bucket

1x Mop

3x Caution Sign

1x Trash Bag

1x Spray Bottle

1x Rag

3x Cleaner Grenade

1x Mop Bucket

MULEbot crate 130 1x MULEbot
Empty Box crate 10 10x Box


Name Cost in supply points Contents
Inflatable barriers 20 3x Inflatable Barricade
Replacement lights 10 3x Box of replacement lights
50 metal sheets 10 50x Metal Sheet
30 plasteel sheets 50 30x Plasteel Sheet
50 glass sheets 10 50x Glass Sheet
50 wooden planks 10 50x Wooden Plank
Superconducting Magnetic Coil 150 1x Superconducting Magnetic Coil
Electrical maintenance crate 15 2x Electrical toolbox

2x Insulated gloves

2x Power cell

2x High-capacity power cell

Mechanical maintenance crate 10 3x M276 pattern toolbelt rig

3x Hazard vest

2x Welding helmet

1x Hard hat

Fuel tank crate 10 1x Fueltank
Solar Pack crate 15 21x Solar panel assembly

1x Circuit board (Solar Control)

1x Tracker electronics

1x Paper- 'Going green! Setup your own solar array instructions.'

Collector crate 30 ?
Supermatter Core 50 ?
Radiation suits package 20 ?
P.A.C.M.A.N. portable generator parts 45 ?
Super P.A.C.M.A.N. portable generator parts 55 ?


Name Cost in supply points Contents
Medical crate 25 1x First-aid kit

1x Fire first-aid kit

1x Toxin first aid

1x Oxygen deprivation first aid

1x Advanced first-aid kit

1x Dylovene bottle

1x Inaprovaline bottle

1x Soporific bottle

1x Box of syringes

1x Box of injectors

Body bag crate 10 3x Bodybag
Stasis bag crate 40 3x Stasis Bag
Surgery crate 25 1x Scalpel

1x Circular Saw

1x Hemostat

1x Retractor

1x Bone Setter

1x Bone-Gel

1x FixOVein

1x Cautery

1x Surgical Drill

1x Surgical Mask

1x Anesthesia Tank

Sterile equipment crate 10 2x Medical scrubs

1x Box of sterile masks

1x Box of latex gloves


Name Cost in supply points Contents
Womens formal dress locker 45 ?
Collectable hat crate! 200 ?
Officer outfit closet 45 1x Requisition officer suit

1x Marine officer uniform

1x Bridge officer uniform

1x Executive officer uniform

1x Chief engineer uniform

Marine outfit closet 25 ?
Formalwear closet 40 ?


Name Cost in supply points Contents
Phoron assembly crate 50 ?

Extra Details

A typical crate sent back on the cargo ship will count as five points. TO BE FINISHED.