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Colonial Marines has a variety of slang and acronyms used. This is an uncompleted compilation of slang that can be found used on the server.

All Marine Slang & acronyms

Slang Term: Meaning:
AWOL Away Without Official Leave = Desertion
Boot Rookie
BO Bridge Officer
CE Chief Engineer
Civie Civilian
Baldie Bald marine
CL Corporate Liaison
CMO Chief Medical Officer
CO Commander
CT Cargo Technician
Doc Doctor
Engie Engineer
FF Friendly Fire
FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/Recovery/Recognition
FOB Field Operating Base
Frag (Fragmentation) Grenade
Flamer Incinerator Unit
Grunt Basic Soldier / Marine / Standard
Gyro Gyroscopic Stabilizer
HQ Headquarters
IB Iron Bears
KIA Killed In Action
KOS Kill On Sight
LOS Line of Sight / Lane of Sight
LZ(1&2) Landing Zone
Mag Magazine
Mag Strap/Harness Magnetic Harness
Medevac Medical Evacuation (via dropship or drop pod)
MIA Missing In Action = Contact lost with the marine
MP Military Police
MT Maintenance Technician
'Nade Grenade
OB Orbital Beacon/Bombardment
Pajamarine Any marine who forgets to put on his or her uniform.
PMC Private Military Contractors
PO Pilot Officer
Rasp / Rasputin / Dropship The Sulaco's Dropship
Re Researcher
RDS Red Dot Sight
RO Requisitions Officer
Sentry UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun
SL Squad Leader
SM Super Matter
Spec Specialist
SSD Space Sleep Disorder, an Ingame term to say that the player is away from the keyboard or closed his client and left the game.
Vindi / Vindicator / Pod The Sulaco's Drop Pod
W-Y / Wey-Yu Weyland-Yutani
WIA Wounded-in-Action
XO Executive Officer

All Medical Slang & acronyms

Slang Term: Meaning:
Bicard/Bicar/Bicari Bicaridine
Chem Chemistry
Clonex Clonexadone
Cryo Cryo cells found in Medbay
Cryox Cryoxadone
Derm / Derma Dermaline
Defib Emergency defibrillator
Dex Dexalin
Dex+ Dexalin +
Dylo Dylovene
Hyper Hyperzine
Imi Imidazoline
Inaprov Inaprovaline
Kelo Kelotane
Medvendor / Wey-Yu Med WeylandMed Plus
OD Overdose
Oxy / Ox Oxycodone
Peri Peridaxon
QC Quick Clot
Tram Tramadol
Tricord Tricordrazine

Alien Slang & acronyms

Slang Term: Meaning:
Hosts Infectable entities
Furry Hosts Monkeys / Farwas / Stoks / Neaeras
Tall Hosts Humans
Headhunters Predators
Metal Bird Dropship
Metal Box/Egg Drop Pod
Metal Spitter UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun
Boom Rock Claymore
Boom Tube/Stick SADAR