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You are a Researcher, great!

Researcher in it's current state is a Rp heavy role as it lacks research machines. Note that currently the researcher is also under going a rework so the job is currently barebones.

Below this point is the previous CM research wiki guide which we are keeping in case any of it is relevant for when the new research update hits.

So you've decided you wanted to become a civilian Researcher aboard the USS Almayer, congratulations on your job! You are basically an RP doctor and slash or designated Chemist. Once you spawn in, you should check in with your fellow compatriots in the medical channel with ":m", If nobody is currently doing Chemistry, you should volunteer to do it, If you're new to Chemistry, be sure to have the friendly chemistry guide open at all times, Use Ctrl+F to quickly search through the guide so you can quickly find the recipes, There will be a few basic mixes included under Combat Medicines.

Combat chemicals/medicine

Research has its own chemistry lab that can be used to help out medical by pumping out useful healing chemicals. It is also possible to mix chemicals together to get multiple benefits; however, be aware that there are certain chemicals which will cause more harm if they are used together. Consult the chemistry guide for more details.

Included here will be a quick guide to making two of the more commonly used mixes, Bicaridine-Dermaline and Tricordrazine-Bicaridine


  1. First off, dump 100 units of Carbon into the Bluespace beaker.
  2. Next, dump in 60 units of Oxygen.
  3. Now dump in 20 units of Sugar, you should have 120u of Bicaridine, 40 units of Oxygen and 20 units of Carbon.
  4. Dump 20 units of silicon into the mixture.
  5. Remove the beaker and place it in the chem master.
  6. Take 60u of Bicaridine and 60u of Dermaline, make 7 pills, name "BicaDerm (8.5u Bica 8,5u Derm)"
  7. Now bottle it up and label the pill bottle "BicaDerm" and insert it in the chem storage.


  1. First off, dump in 20 units of Carbon, Sugar and Oxygen.
  2. You should have 60u of Inaprovaline now, dump in 20u of Nitrogen, Potassiium and Silicon.
  3. Now you should have 120u of Tricordrazine, now dump in 80u of Carbon, 20u of both Sugar and Oxygen.
  4. Remove beaker and place in ChemMaster.
  5. Seperate 60u of Tricordrazine and 60u of Bicaridine, make 7 pills, repeat until empty, don't forget to name it TriBica (8.5u Tricord 8,5u Bicaridine
  6. Bottle it up, label the bottle with the labeler "TriBica" and place in Chem Storage.

Machinery and equipment upgrades

The Researcher can fabricate items and construct machines and computers that can greatly help the marines and civilian staff on the Sulaco with their jobs.

Machines and Computers

An important piece of machinery that massively increases the Researcher's ability to do anything is an autolathe. You will want to get your hands on wire (ask an engineer, find some in crates you have access to, etc.) and save the console screen in R&D that is there from round start. Instructions for building an autolathe and other useful machines are listed below. You will want to have at least a screwdriver and a wrench for these (both are available in the toolbox in upper level Medbay in east medical storage).

Machine Materials Needed Build order
  • 5 metal sheets
  • 7 wires
  • 1 micro-manipulator (or upgraded versions)
  • 3 matter bins (or upgraded versions)
  • 1 console screen
  • 1 Autolathe Board
  1. Build a machine frame using 5 metal
  2. Add wires and then the circuit board
  3. Add all the other components (including wire again), screwdriver to finish the machine
Any Computer (Security, Crew Monitoring, etc.)
  • 5 metal sheets
  • 5 wires
  • 2 glass sheets
  • 1 appropriate circuit board
  1. Build a computer frame using 5 metal
  2. Wrench the frame in place (note: the "start" of the wrenching will not show up as a message")
  3. Insert the circuit board, screwdriver the computer
  4. Add wires to the computer and then insert 2 glass panels, screwdriver the computer once again to finish it

Useful Items from the Autolathe & Protolathe

Some useful items that can be created using both the Protolathe and Autolathe are listed below (this list only includes items that solely require glass and metal since the availability of other materials is slim to none).

Item Purpose Source
Health Scanner HUD Fabricating these can help standard marines better gauge their own health and keep better tabs on their squadmates Protolathe
super-capacity power cell These can be used by combat engineers to power their sentries for longer Protolathe
large grenade casing Used to create and house all the components for chemical grenades Protolathe
Chem Sprayer Allows area of effect application of beneficial or harmful chemicals in aerosol form Protolathe
large glass beaker Used to contain chemicals for use in large grenade casings Autolathe
welding helmet Doctors welding brute damage to cybernetic limbs will receive eye damage unless wearing this Autolathe
surgery tools (scalpel, circular saw, retractor, cautery, hemostat) Replacement surgery tool for if a doctor misplaces or loses one of these Autolathe
explosive components (igniter, remote signaling device, timer, infrared sensor, proximity sensor) These can all be used to help make different trigger mechanisms for chemical grenades; the proximity sensor can also be used to create Medibots Autolathe (also vendor in Research)
Mining Drill If marine command requires these for whatever reason, these can be constructed for the marines Protolathe


Another way Research can help busy doctors is by constructing Medibots. Medibots can inject injured personnel with either Tricordrazine from its internal synthesizer (infinite supply but max dosage of 15u) or chemicals from an inserted beaker. An empty medkit, a Health Scanner, a proximity sensor, and a cybernetic arm (each Operating Theater has a printer that can produce those) are needed to make a medibot.

  • Empty out a medkit and insert a cybernetic arm (left or right) once the kit is empty
  • Add a Health Scanner to the medibot frame, use a pen to rename the medibot at this point
  • Add a Proximity Sensor to the medibot frame to complete the medical
  • (Optional) Use your ID on the medibot to unlock options; turning the reporting option to on and lowering the treatment threshold to 5 are both recommended

Xeno Autopsy

The Weyland Brand Automatic Autopsy System(TM), Weyland Yutani Brand Organic Analyzer(TM), and Weyland Yutani Brand Bio-Organic Printer(TM) are the three main objects you'll interact with. If a Tier 1 or higher alien corpse is brought on board, move it to the lab and use the alien autopsy tool several times to extract as many materials as you can from each corpse. You only need to analyze 1 xeno item in order to get access to all current options.

Once you've used the auopsy tool to dissect the xenomorphs body, place the organs and other various bodily parts into the Weyland brand organic analyzer to unlock the below upgrades.Once that's done insert your left over organs,blood and resin into the Weyland Yutani Brand Bio-Organic Printer and you'll be able to print out one of your shiny and new xenomorph-marine upgrades.

Item from Bio-Organic Printer Required Items (from alien autopsies) Use
Chitin Plating
  • 1 Acid Blood
  • 2 Alien Chitin
  • 2 Alien Resin
Reinforces armor against brute damage but decreases user's speed while in that armor
Resin Paste
  • 2 Alien Chitin
  • 2 Alien Resin
Restores the facehugger-blocking properties of a marine helmet
Anti-Acid Spray
  • 1 Acid Blood
  • 2 Alien Resin
Once applied, renders an item acid-proof (warning: trying to put this in a container will apply it to that container)


One of the most dangerous things a Researcher can do is tinker with custom chemical grenades. The Protolathe should allow you to construct

TODO: fun explosive combos.

Biggest bang for your cheapest buck(et).

  • After having made an autholate make twice as many buckets as many grenades you want (suprisingly they are much cheaper to make than large beakers especialy due to the avaliability of metal).
  • Take half of the buckets upstairs, into one of the ORs and fill them all up with water from the sink (to save on Chemdispenser energy).
  • Take the other half and fill it with juicy potasium from your Chemdispenser.
  • Take all the timers/ingiters out of the Toximate, and if you still need more you can make some via your autholate. Screwdriver the igniters, then combine them together with the timers. After that screwdriver the timer/igniter assemblies and set the timer you want on them (2 seconds is advised).
  • Put both a bucket of potasium and a bucket of water into a LARGE grenade casing. Then put your igniter/timer assembly into it, and finaly finish the nade by screwdrivering it.
  • Give your cheaply made 8x8 nades to some competent marines, especialy to Grenade Launcher Specs. Then get boinked by admins because a retard blew up half a squad of marines.

Comprehensive Destructive Analyzer List

TODO: copy over template from Bay12 Destructive Analyzer page (it's very nicely formatted) but populate it with CM items

Sources and Reading