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The rounds of Colonial Marines happen on multiple enviroments in outer space. The aliens are usually infecting a local Weyland-Yutani colony located in the border worlds of human space, those colonies have variations between them and studying them is essential for winning the war, both in the side of the Aliens or of the Marines. The marines also get their own base, the USS Almayer.

USS Sulaco

The USS Sulaco is a Conestoga-class troop transport employed by the 2nd Battalion of the United States Colonial Marines. The Conestoga-class ships are manufactured by the Weyland-Yutani corporation with their dry-dock division, knitted specially for the USCM corps, containing everything to serve the USCMCs mission: To serve as "force-in-readiness" and operate independently in environments far from home for extended periods of time without any support and alone, fighting specially colonial rebels, pirates and raiders. The USS Sulaco has been missing since 2179 and it is unknown whether the crew aboard the vessel are still alive or worse.

The ship has two decks, the upper is the operational part of the ship while the lower is the hangar and maintenance.


The upper deck is the main part of the USS Sulaco, it contains the bridge of the ship - where the command crew stays - the medical bay, the brig - where criminal marines are locked by the Military Police, the barracks, armory, cantina, the cargo bay with the logisitics divion, engineering -where the engine and atmospherics of the ship are located- and the escape pods. This deck is the most important of the two, containing the facilities necessary to conduct the operations on the ground and mantain the integrity of the ship. Losing any part of this deck will mean that the Sulaco is in danger of destruction, the engine is one of the most sensitive parts of the ship and the lost of it will mean bad news for the crew.


In contrast, the lower deck is less important then the upper deck, altough it's the main point where it can be boarded. It contains the Research/cloning, Morgue, Telecommunications, the Hangar with the two ships that the Sulaco has - The Rasputin and the Vindictaor - and the lower maintenance part

Lazarus Landing


Lazarus Landing is a research and xenoarcheology colony located on the planet "LV-624".

Ice Colony

Map icecolony.png

"Shiva's Snowball" is a Outpost/Research facility located on the border ice world "LV-343 "Ifrit"".

Whiskey Outpost

Whiskey outpost.png

Whiskey Outpost is a small military outpost.


Big Red.png

Solaris Ridge is a Weyland-Yutani Research facility located on the planet "Big-Red".