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Warning! Misuse or spamming of this feature can result in a ban.

Macros are a very robust feature of SS13, allowing the player to attach any verb to (almost) any key combination. The key must not already be used by the server. A list of already-used keys can be found by using the OOC > hotkeys-help verb.

Macros That Are Already In

This is a basic list of the Macros that are built into the server.

  • F1 = Adminhelp
  • F2 = OOC
  • F3 = Say
  • F4 = Me
  • Ctrl + Click = Quick Grab (Make sure to have an empty hand.)
  • Shift + Click = Quick Examine (Marine Use/Some Alien Castes)
  • Shift + Middle Click = Point to
  • Ctrl + Middle Click = Tactical Binoculars lazer target
  • Shift + Click = Throwing a Hugger as Carrier or Spitting neurotoxin as a sentinel. (If you have enabled the shift click function in the alien tab.)

Managing Macros

Accessing macros via the title bar menu
Macros can be accessed and edited in two ways, from the in-game client by Right-click the top in-game title bar -> Client -> Macros. The other way is editing "macros.dmf" file with a text editor. The macros.dmf is in C:\Users\[YOU]\Documents\BYOND\cfg, open macros.dmf in a text editor (Notepad++ recommended, but Notepad works fine, too)

Creating a Macro

  • The key used must not already be used by the server (check hotkeys-help in OOC tab)
  • The command must contain dashes (-) in the place of spaces
  • The full verb must be used as the command. E.g. unique-action
  • The command is NOT case-sensitive. E.g. Join-as-Xeno works fine.


General Commands

Action Command Function
Shift + F2 LOOC Speak in LOOC (Local Out of Character chat)
Spacebar Resist Drop and roll to extinguish the fire and break out of alien nest
Shift + G Rest Rest on weed to regenerate health as alien or lay down to avoid FF as marine
Escape Cancel-Camera-View Stop looking up/down ladder and camera
Shift + W/A/S/D Northface/Westface/Eastface/Southface Turn north/west/east/south (essentially dance if excuted in quick succession)
Shift + E Toggle-Darkness Disable darkness (ghost only)
P Join-as-Xeno Open join Xeno window (ghost only)
[ Join-Response-Team Sign up as a candidate for emergency response team (ghost only)
] Toggle-SpecialRole-Candidacy Open the special role candidacy window
I .ping Ping the server to see how high the ping is (and disengage when it's high)

Marine Commands

Type *help to see the list of emotes.

Key Command Function
C unique-action Pump shotgun and ignite incinarator
V load-from-attachment Toggle UGL, masterkey, scope, etc
B Toggle-burst-fire-mode Toggle burst fire (M41A, M39, etc)
F Eject-magazine Eject the magazine
G Pick-up M41A-Pulse-Rifle-MK2 Pick up a M41A that's near you
Alt + ` Show-Held-Item Show the item in your hand for others to take a look
Alt + Q Say "*medic" Medic emote
Alt + E Say "*scream" Scream emote so you can get help when you are caught out of position
Alt + T Say "*salute" Salute emote
Alt + W Northface\nSay "Contact North!" Turn north and yell Contact North! (add east, south, and west too)
5 Say "Help!" Yell Help! (useful to urge friendlies to pull you back when you are down)
Alt + R Say "Fallback!" Yell Fallback! (useful to urge friendlies to fallback when they overextend)
Alt + G Say "Let's go!" Yell Let's go! (useful to urge friendlies relucent to fallback or push)
Shift + E Issue-Order Open the Issue Order window (SL and SO/XO/CO only)
Alt + C Toggle-M68-Thermal-Camouflage Toggle Scout Spec's cloak

Aliens Commands

Type *help to see the list of emotes. Using an emote without a number will have the game choose randomly for you.

Key Command Function
` Hive-Status Open Hive Status window
Space Crawl-Through-Vent Start crawling into vent
Shift + 1 Say "*hiss" Hiss emote
Shift + 2 Say "*growl" Growl emote
Shift + 3 Say "*tail" Tail whip emote
Shift + 4 Say "*roar" Roar emote
5 Say "*needhelp" Needhelp emote
Shift + 6 Say "*dance" Dance emote
O Evolve Open Evolve window

Unusable keys

  • Keys listed in hotkeys-help in OOC tab
  • F1 to F8
  • H (useable with Shift)
  • Alt + F, I and H

Advanced Usage

The \n character combination can be used to input a "newline" between macros, allowing several verbs to be called from a single macro. Some examples above utilize \n as well.

  • Space: Resist\nCrawl-Through-Vent
  • 5: Say "*needhelp"\nSay"Help!"
  • Alt + W: Northface\nSay "Contact North!"
  • Shift + E: Issue-Order\nToggle-Darkness

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