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Warning! Misuse or spamming of this feature can result in a ban.

Macros are a very robust feature of SS13, allowing the player to attach any verb to (almost) any key combination. The key must not already be used by the server. A list of already-used keys can be found by using the OOC > hotkeys-help verb.

Macros That Are Already In

This is a basic list of the Macros that are built into the server.

  • Crtl+Click = Quick Pull
  • Shift+Click = Quick Examine (Marine Use/Some Alien Castes)
  • Shift+Click = Chucking a Hugger as Carrier or Spitting neurotoxin as a sentinel.

Accessing Macros

Macros can be accessed and edited in two ways.

From the Dream Seeker Byond Client

Accessing macros via the title bar menu
  • Right-click the Byond client title bar
  • Select "Client"
  • Select "Macros..."

From the "macros.dmf" file

  • Browse to C:\Users\[YOU]\Documents\BYOND\cfg
  • Open macros.dmf in a text editor (Notepad++ recommended, but Notepad works fine, too)

Creating a Macro

  • The key used must not already be used by the server (use the OOC > hotkeys-help verb to find hotkeys already being used)
  • The command must contain dashes (-) in the place of spaces
  • The full verb must be used as the command. E.g. Spit-Weak-Neurotoxin-(75)
  • The command is NOT case-sensitive. E.g. spit-weak-neurotoxin-(75) works fine.
  • The command cannot .click ingame objects this includes objects in your hands and inventory. E.g. ".click m41a-pulse-rifle"

Example Commands

  • Spit-Weak-Neurotoxin-(75)
  • .click use-unique-action
  • Toggle-Darkness
  • say *Beep
  • say :vTesting 1, 2, 3, Command channel.

Advanced Usage

The \n character combination can be used to input a "newline" between macros, allowing several verbs to be called from a single macro. This is especially useful for Aliens that transform into different castes with changing abilities.

A potentially useful catch-all macro would be something similar to:

  • Spit-Super-Neurotoxin-(150)\nSpit-Neurotoxin-(100)\nSpit-Weak-Neurotoxin-(75)

The above macro will first try to use the Praetorian's super spit. If it isn't available, it will throw an error but continue to the Spitter's 2nd tier spit. If that isn't available, it will continue to the Sentinel's weak spit. This macro ensures that you are always using your strongest spit. It's up to you to decide if this is preferred over the more specific single-use macro.

Other possibilities are to use a single hotkey to capture different actions across different roles.

  • Hide\nSecrete-Resin(75)\ use-unique-action

The above macro would allow you to quickly hide while a larva or Runner; build resin structures while a Drone, Hivelord, or Queen; and finally pump a shotgun if you are a marine. Note that it is impossible to perform any two of these actions simultaneously so the hotkey will never be inappropriate to your current caste or role.

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