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Welcome to the lore page! Here you can find the basic (and extra) lore of the server, and more will be added as time goes on and more content is added.

This page is purely for roleplay and entertainment factor, and is not meant to explain the game mechanics. NOTE: This lore is *NOT* Finalized.


The Universe Today, the USCMC and the Sulaco

It is the middle of the 22nd Century, 2150, and humanity has made huge progress in the fields of starship travel and FTL technology. Every year new, more improved, advances are made. Fueled by the raging industry of megacorporations, like Weyland-Yutani, worlds are terraformed and colonized all over the galaxy, giving way to large planetary populations. Human lives are further improved with the advances made in artificial intelligence as well, and synthetic individuals are often completely indistinguishable from people.


The United States Colonial Marine Corps (USCMC), often referred to as the Colonial Marines, is the successor to the United States Marine Corps and are the first line of defense and top security force across all extraterrestrial settlements. The USCMC is part of the United Americas Allied Command (UAAC) along with the United States Army.

It is split into the supportive forces, which include training, R&D, administrative and logistical duties; and the operating forces, who carry out combat operations.

The operating forces are split into four combat divisions, and four aerospace divisions. A fifth division is also present for both combat and aerospace, as part of reserves.


The USS Sulaco, is a Conestoga-class troop transport employed by the 2nd Battalion of the USCMC for various combat operations. In the current year, 2150, with state-of-the-art weaponry and a highly versatile combat unit, it is deployed in some of the more hazardous sectors, where in many cases it is operating alone.


Weyland Logo.png

Perhaps one of the stronger factors during this time, the corporation are more recently known for terraforming, colonization, weapons, android and vehicle manufacturing, as well as extensive research on unexplored fields. They hold massive stocks in amongst other organizations like the USCMC and supply them with technology such as their Conestoga-class troop transports. Though they do not outright own them, they work closely and the latter has often been employed to protect their interests.

As while not only supplying the USCMC with an extravagant amounts of equipment, Weyland-Yutani provides assignments and work for the USCMC. While wishing to spend as little actual currency on said assignments, the USCMC is usually assigned for smaller less important tasks by Weyland due to their mass amounts of numbers they tend to "persuade" what ever threat may be assigned to handle.

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