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Evolves From: N/A
Evolves To: Drone, Runner, Sentinel
Role: Using the life given to you by a host, go forth and expand the Hive. Hide to Evolve if needed.
Guides: N/A

"Everyone is screaming in terror after watching a Chestburster/Larva bust out of Kane's chest." - Alien

General Information

Also known as the "chestburster", the Larva is the infant form of the species. It is most well known for its horrific method of gestation — it is implanted into a host lifeform's chest cavity by a Facehugger, and upon maturing it will erupt violently from the host's chest, killing them in an incredibly bloody and traumatic fashion. Chestbursters are small and their life is dependent on the survival of its host, but after it finishes, it will not require the host to survive and once mature it will evolve into a fully grown Xenomorph.

Playing as a Larva

If you are chosen as a Larva inside the colony that has just days previous been pillaged and demolished, allowing you to spread out of control and infect or slaughter the entire colonist population. While the colony is mostly safe aside from a handful of hardened Survivors stubbornly clinging to life, this may not hold true long.

The Hivemind has full knowledge of the colony on which you were born, and many of its facets, even the most complex. Its entire layout, how power and lighting functions, and where special locations are. The little of resistance the Hivemind met also granted you some knowledge on the weapons you may expect to be used against you, like guns, knifes and grenades.

As soon as your Larva has matured, you will be able to choose between the three initial Xenomorph castes: Drone, Runner and Sentinel. Depending on which you choose, you will then be able to progress in their respective castes. Do not underestimate them. What they lack in special abilities or raw power, they make up in being fast to upgrade into a powerful foe and always available.

If this is your first time as a Xenomorph, check the Xeno Quickstart Guide. Here are additional tips:

  • Speak in Hivemind by using :a before your message. Example: Say ":a My life for the Queen!"
  • You are a manifestation of the Queen's will. Follow her orders or die trying. If the orders appear to break server rules, you should warn the admins.
  • Grow the Hive. Gather together any hosts (living monkeys and humans) and bring them to the nest to incubate more Larvae.
  • Weeds are paramount to you. While off weeds, your plasma will regenerate very slowly and you will not heal. If you do need to stray off weeds, remember this dearly, do not get caught exhausted and badly wounded far from weeds. Keep in mind that to heal at a fast steady rate on weeds you need to be resting, as if you stand while on weeds to heal you'll heal significantly slower.


Abilities: Description:
Xeno Rest.png
Used to rest and get up. Xenos heal faster when resting on weeds.
Hide under objects.

Larva Evolution

Larvae can Evolve into three possible castes:

  • The Drone is the humble worker of the Hive, while other castes make themselves useful almost universally in their combat prowess, the Drone finds its vocation in building and maintaining the Hive. It is considered as a SUPPORT role to the Alien team.
  • The Runner, as its name fully implies, is the fastest caste available to the Xenomorph Hive. It is small and nimble, able to effortlessly run under and above most waist-high obstructions, leaping over barricades and tables alike. It is actively an OFFENSIVE role due to it's high offensive power, especially at later upgrades as well as evolutions.
  • The Sentinel is a relatively fragile caste, not able to engage in direct combat due to its low durability and low damage. However, this is completely made up for with a massive advantage compared to other melee castes. Sentinels can Spit Neurotoxin, giving them a ranged attack that will disable anyone hit by it. It's a DEFENSIVE role, as Sentinels have the purpose of defending captured hosts using its neruotoxin spit.