Hunter Games

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Hunter Games

"You have been dropped off on a Weyland Yutani colony overrun with alien Predators who have turned it into a game preserve..." - Gamemode description.

You have been dropped into LV-624 (Or any map) by your predator captors, and are being forced to fight to the last man for their amusement. Be careful though, if the predators get bored, they have some horrifying ways of making you fight.

The Gamemode

Hunter Games is a free for all game mode that can only be run by admins. You are spawned in a random location on the planet and you must try to survive and come out as the last man standing. Rounds usually last for less than an hour, and it is normally run at lowpop. There is no RP in hunter games, and you can name yourself whatever you want. The only rule for hunter games are no ERP. Think of Hunter games as a gladiator pit and every human is to fight to the death with weapons to appease the crowd which in this case are predators.


Weapons are randomly spawned around the map, nearly all of them being melee weapons. At ten minute intervals during the round, ghosts spectating the carnage can vote on a contestant to get a supply drop that will contain additional gear. The majority of the weapons that spawn are melee weapons, but you will occasionally find a firearm, normally through a supply drop. Some weapons include:

  • Katanas (Replica and real)
  • Boot Knives
  • Throwing Knives
  • Harpoons
  • Alien Mines
  • Claymores
  • Machetes
  • Grenades
  • Armor of various shapes and sizes



If the admins feel that there is not enough fighting they will often choose to release hellhounds into the arena. Their goal is to kill anyone not inside of the nexus, forcing all living contestants to the nexus for one final duel. Hellhounds are not allowed to enter the nexus.


Tribes is a submode for Hunter Games. However, your main objective isn't to kill eachother.... it's to survive.

Players are encouraged to form groups together (Which are composed of 10+ players and a leader) and band together creating tribes. They'll be scattered supplies around the map for you to gather such as weapons, building supplies, food and items. Rarer items such as surgerical tools, armor and guns are in shorter supply. However, players do not NEED to join a major tribe and can roleplay as scavengers, bandits, traders or form their own little groups.

You are ENCOURAGED, to form tribes, work together, trade with other players. Major supplies such as LABELLERS will be dropped in major locations to encourage you to form a tribe and work together.

Survivors will WIN once they defeat all major events (see bellow) or kill off all of each-other (not encouraged).


Players will be able to find GOLD COINS and DIAMOND COINS located around the map, these coins can ONLY be traded to the TRIBES for a random gear/items.Tribes can exchange these Gold Coins Diamond Coins via AHELPING (leader only can trade in the coins) for random useful gear that the gods choose to give. Exchanging by Diamond Coins will give better gear.


  • Predators (Whitelist only)
  • Hellhounds
  • Aliens
  • Hostile Humans
  • Random Events

All of these will be filled by deadchat at interval waves at the admins discretion.


  • No Covert Ops, this means no wearing another Tribe's Uniform, pretending to be friendly and then shooting them or stealing supplies.
  • No Meme Names will be allowed, this is still a Roleplay Event.
  • No Auto-Injector/Chem Insta-Killing. One will be easily found out and banned for this (ODing people with any chemicals)
  • NO Flashers/Insta-Stun Weapons (Ie. Stun Prods and Stun Batons)
  • Do not AHelp asking for special attention or send AHelps that don't require assistance. (The Admins get flooded with ahelps)