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The Xenomorphs found on Lazarus Landing have the incredible ability to excrete Resin to form various structures. Only select castes of Xenomorphs have this ability; it is restricted to the Drones, Hivelords and the Queen. The Xenomorphs use this ability to construct elaborate 'Hives', where they store their hosts and larva, and retreat for defense if necessary. Check My Badass Hive Guide for information on building good Hives and a visual example.

Hive Structures

Resin Weeds Benefits Image
Probably the most important component of any hive, alien weeds can be planted by almost any form of Xenomorph.

Weeds can be planted on any surface which does not already have foliage (e.g, grass) on it.
A purple sac forms where you plant it, from which the weeds spread in all directions.

While standing on Weeds, Xenomorphs have:

  • Increased Movement Speed
  • Increased Plasma Refill
  • Health Regeneration
Resin Wall Benefits Image
Useful for cover and barricades, these walls can be placed just about anywhere.

Good for keeping threats out and hosts in.

  • Reasonably Durable
  • Blocks Line of Sight
Resin Membrane Benefits Image
Resin Membrane is a semi-permeable solid that Xenomorphs use in place of windows.
  • Functions as a window, allowing Xenos to see the terrain on the other side instead of just players.
Resin Doors Benefits Image
Also useful for cover and barricades, these doors can be used as walls, but Xenomorphs can pass through them by walking into them or clicking on them with the 'Help' intent. Using 'Harm' intent allows aliens to tear these down
  • Allows Xenomorph passage
  • Restricts Marine passage
Resin door.gif
Resin Nests Benefits Image
Very useful for keeping pesky moving hosts secure. Resin nests can walked over by anybody, but have a use beyond simple barricading. These nests can be used by aliens to secure hosts, similar to the way a chair works (drag the host's sprite onto the nest's sprite). Hosts can resist being secured using the Resist verb. Human players can pull others out of the nests by clicking on the nests. Cannot be destroyed without acid or fire.
  • Holds Hosts in place.
  • Gives Larva time to burst.
Sticky Resin Benefits Image
Sticky Resin is a thick purple ooze that is placed on the floor of the hive. It is expensive to place, but provides a unique tactical advantage for the Xenomorphs, as Humans usually have a higher movement speed than them.
  • Slows Host Movement
  • Does Not Restrict Xenomorphs
Resin sticky.png