Guide to Engineering

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Tools of the Trade

Tool Function
Used for rotating sentries, Also used to open panels on vendors and doors.
Used for cutting through walls and fixing sentries. Has 20 units of fuel inside.
Used for Opening unpowered doors and displacing girders so you can move them.
Used for securing and unsecuring sentries, disassemble certain objects, unsecure and secure vendors and girders.
Cable coil
Used for fixing synthetics and synthetic limbs, and placing wire on the ground.
Used to hack doors and vendors, disarming mines, or determining the wattage of a power cable.
Used for cutting cable coil on the ground, and for cutting wires and mending wires in doors.
Light Replacer
Used to replace lights quickly. Feed with glass to refill.
T-Ray Scanner.png
T-Ray Scanner
A terahertz-ray emitter and scanner used to detect underfloor objects such as cables and pipes.
Insulated Gloves.png
Insulated Gloves
Gloves worn on your hand, preventing any electric shocks, from touching wires, to touching electrified objects or machines. Engineers spawn with a pair of insulated squad gloves in their lockers.

Power Duty

SMES settings should be like this
To setup power, you'll want to locate the geothermal generators Geothermal.png and assess the damage. Depending on the sprite, the generator will need different steps (you can click on multiple generators to fix them at once):

Geothermal Destroyed.png = Welder -> Wirecutters -> Wrench

Geothermal Broken.png = Wirecutters -> Wrench

Geothermal Damaged.png = Wrench. Once it's done, left click it with an empty hand to turn it on.

With this done, you'll want to turn it on and set up the Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storages, (SMESes) which can be setup by clicking on them and setting input to 250,000W and output to 200,000W. This'll ensure that they are receiving more charge than they are giving out. Do this for all three, and make sure that the SMESes are charging before you head to your next objective. SMES units are used to store power, and then output it to the colony. If you set up power without setting the SMES units, power will not be stored and be wasted. Remember to switch on the Colony Floodlight Switch Colony Floodlight Switch.gif if there is one.

Shipside, there will be a total of five SMES units to set up, with one optional one near requisitions, three on the lower floor and two on the upper floor. For the ship, you'll want to tinker with the settings to get the most optimal setup. One simple rule is to make sure the charge is higher than the output, and that all SMES units are equal. You'll want to use the power monitoring computers to see how much to allocate per SMES.

APC Maintenance

If the APC is green (fully charged) or blue (charging), it is good.

Replace PowercellAPC Red.png

If the APC is not broken and the Power is down (For example Tcomms upon first deployment), you can replace the powercell by:

  1. Click the APC, swipe your ID card to unlock the interface.
  2. Disengage the cover lock in the interface.
  3. Crowbar.png Use a crowbar on the APC to open the cover.
  4. Take out the empty powercell out with an empty hand.
  5. Powercell.png Put a new powercell in the APC.
  6. Crowbar.png Use a crowbar on the APC to close the cover.
  7. Re-engage the cover lock.
  8. Swipe your ID card to secure the interface.

BrokenAPC Broken.png

  1. Click the APC
  2. Wirecutters.png Mend all wires with wirecutters.
  3. Screwdriver.png Fix the cover with a screwdriver.

Upon following the above steps the APC will be fixed don't worry if it still doesn't have power because it'll take time to recharge (if generators are up). Replace the powercell with a new one if you require the APC to be active straight away.

Blown up or destroyed

You click the APC but no window shows up, meaning someone blew up the APC or blasted it into another dimension follow the steps below.

  1. First you'll want to whack off the cover; to do this just hit the APC with any sort of weapon, generally a boot knife is good for this. (Don't be disheartened if it takes a while, just keep whacking it, faster with high melee damage weapon)
  2. Take out the powercell in the APC once the cover is off with an empty hand.
  3. Screwdriver.png Use a screwdriver on the APC.
  4. Crowbar.png Use a Crowbar on the plating infront of the APC.
  5. Wirecutters.png Use wirecutters on the APC.
  6. Crowbar.png Use a crowbar on the APC.
  7. Build an APC frame from 2 metal sheets then click on the APC with the APC frame in hand.
  8. CableCoils.png Use cable coil on the APC.
  9. Circuitboard.png Use a power control module on the APC.
  10. Screwdriver.png Use a screwdriver on the APC.
  11. Powercell.png Put a new powercell in the APC.
  12. Screwdriver.png Use a screwdriver on the APC.
  13. Open up the APC pop up window once you've completed all previous steps and turn on the breaker.


To begin hacking a machine, follow these steps:

  1. Screwdriver.png Use a screwdriver to open the maintenance panel.
  2. Click on the machine to open the wire window.
  3. Multitool.pngWirecutters.png With insulated gloves on, use multitool or wirecutter to pulse or cut/mend the internal wires until you get the desired result.
  4. Memorize the wire which produced that outcome for future reference.
  • If you accidentally turn off a machine's power, or activate its shock wire and need to reset it, simply cut and mend the shock/power wire.
  • The wires which govern a machine's functions will be randomized each round, but are the same for all machines of the same type.
  • It is against Marine Law to hack the vendors on the Almayer, so keep an eye out for MP's before you accidentally cause trouble.

For savvy Engineers, you can rig wires with signallers that will pulse the wire they're attached to when emitting or receiving as a multitool. This can be used to create traps, such as closing and bolting a door, shocking it, or causing it to open and close rapidly. These traps will often serve to confine an enemy in a disadvantageous place where it cannot escape. This often works best when the target is forced to remain within the line of fire of a sentry.

Door Wire Functions

Wires: Description:
The door bolts look down Means that the bolts are currently down, and you will be unable to open the door. Pulsing this wire will open or lower it.
The door bolt lights are off Indicates when bolts are up or down. Off means you won't be able to tell it's bolted
The test light is off The power wire. There are two of these. If the test light is off, you can crowbar it open. Cut and remend to turn it back on.
The AI control allowed light Allows control for the AI. Functionally useless in CM
The Check Wiring light No use.
The Check Timing Mechanism light How fast the door closes. If it's on, it will close instantly, crushing people under it.
The Shock Wire Determines if the door will shock people. No text to show it's on or off, shoots out sparks when activated. Cut and remend to stop the shocking.

Vendors Wire Functions

Wires: Description:
Orange Light Electricity wire. If this is on, whenever the vendor is used it will shock the user. Cut and remend to stop the shocking.
Red Light Firing wire. If this is blinking, it will launch the contents of the vendor at nearby people.
Green Light Contraband wire. Turning this wire on means non-standard gear will be available.
Purple Light Access wire. Turning this wire off changes it to a yellow light, making it so anyone can dispense the contacts.