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This is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not covered by this article, please Ahelp in-game and a member of the staff will assist you.

How do I look up/down ladders?

Drag the ladder sprite to your character sprite.

How do I stop looking up/down ladders?

OOC Tab > Cancel Camera view or move away. Cancel Camera view is more reliable though.

How do I throw things up/down ladders?

Have it in your hand and click the ladder with it. Grenades will auto-prime, but flares will need to be activated first.

How do I use the rail scope on my sniper rifle?

Activate attachments button located on the bottom right.

How do I grab things from my helmet?

Click on the helmet sprite to open up the storage menu.

How do I take off facepaint?

Get a piece of paper, target mouth and click yourself.

What's the difference between evolving and upgrading as an alien?

Evolving gives you new abilities and sometimes removes some old ones. Upgrading makes you stronger (improves your stats).

How do I devour as an alien?

Drag/grab your target then click yourself. Be careful though, marines can reverse burst out of you if they wake up inside your stomach and have a knife. Everything will slowly die in your stomach so don't keep them there for too long.

Can I mutiny?

Yes, mutinies are allowed, however they should only be used for extreme situations not that your squad didn't receive any attachments.

Use the checklist below to follow the mutiny rules.

  • Mutinies MUST be ahelped and approved by Mods/Admins.
  • You MUST have the support of at least 5 other marines (not MP’s)
  • You MUST have complained to the Chief MP or MPs which resulted in them doing nothing to improve the situation (or if they made it worse)
  • If you are initiating a mutiny, you can NOT use lethals until those defending from the mutiny have used them first. Exception: If you get Admin (not mod or mentor) permission.
  • Non-lethals must be used as much as possible. For marines, this may mean literally beating people unconscious (but not to death)
  • If lethal force is used, keep uninvolved marines out of the fighting and try to minimize losses. Remember, you'll need those marines once it's over
  • The commander MUST be given a chance to stand-down peacefully
  • Everyone, on both sides, receives medical treatment once it's over. If you are replacing/removing command staff, they can be sent to the brig and held for future trial.

As a marine, can I kill X player?


OR As a marine, will I be banned if I kill X player?


Use proper RP escalation if you want to start a fight.

How do I pump shotgun/what is the macro to pump shotgun?

Use the button on the bottom right "use-unique-action". The new macro is ".click use-unique-action".

How do I use my headset/radio?

Shift-click your headset to see what channels it has access to.

What is WO role?

It is a custom preference for the map Whiskey Outpost (WO). If you have it set to yes, you may be chosen to become a Doctor or Commander on that map instead of a standard grunt.

What is the difference between Sniper and Recon?

Recon comes with a set of tactical binoculars. Sniper does not, but comes with a durag and fully body paint.

I got a role I don't want. What do I do?

Use 'staffwho' and see if there is a game admin or moderator online to send you back to lobby. Mentors can't send you back to the lobby.

How do I use ERT comms?

Its :h , shift-click your headset to see what channels you have access to. Iron Bears will need to use ':h:3' to speak Russian in ERT comms.

How do I not become a Xeno if I just want to observe?

Go to the preference tab for verbs and hit > toggle specialrolecandidacy and select xeno. You won't be put in a larva body as you observe.

Why isn't my plasma regenerating?

If you're a runner, are you hiding? (Alien tab, hide verb) If you're a hunter, are you cloaked? (Bottom right, click "Stalk or "Hunt") Are you injured? Are you on weeds? Otherwise, ahelp

How do I check if slashing is permitted?

Look in the stats tab.

How do climb window frame

Drag yourself to it.

How knock down vending machines

Use pull intent (yellow one) and click it.

How do clear snow

Use pull intent (yellow one) and click it. Click multiple tiles then wait.