Executive Officer

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Executive Officer
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Commander
Duties: Obey and support the Commander. Help run the operation.
Guides: Leadership ; Marine Law

"Boy's definitely got a corncob up his ass." ―Private Frost, regarding Lieutenant Gorman, Aliens

The Executive Officer

You are the Executive Officer (A.K.A The X.O.) the second in command of the Marines. You have been tasked with the same objective as the Commander, you're both there to command the marines. If there is no commander alive or available you are next in line to be in command of the marines to brief them on the mission and command them. You can go down to the FOB if there is one setup to further command the marines BUT the commander must stay onboard the Almayer. The commander is to stay on the Almayer until you have returned to the ship and vice versa for the commander.

If you are on the Almayer and it is not being boarded, you are not authorized to have a firearm that is bigger than a pistol and if caught you will be warned.

The same principles as the commander and are under his/her command.


The XO is second in command and as such you'll be telling the Staff Officers what to order the marines in the case that a commander isn't present. You may also need to man an overwatch console so that all the squads have someone to relay their intel about the enemy to, besides their Squad Leader. A good overwatch will stay in contact with their squad and ask for regular updates on how the squad is doing, if they require any supplies and they'll make sure the two dropships are planetside for if any injured are required to be evaced, this may require that you tell the Pilot to launch early depending on which dropship the Pilot Officer is using.


As the XO you'll want to make sure a stream of supplies is reaching the marines while the CO is ordering the SO's and squads about, if there is no CO, you'll be ordering the SO's and squads as well as shouting at requisitions for supplies. You'll want to keep reminding requisitions of which supplies are needed, normally it'll be "We need helmets, ammo and materials for defences." Usually it's good to specify what ammo so that the Cargo Technicians can prioritise which ammo to get first in a rush, for example: "Requisitions, we need 10mm, 9mm, Buckshot and helmets as well as materials for defences." That example is just for general supplies, if you wanted to specify to which squad it goes to you'd just insert the squad name and if it's going by supply drop, a dropship or a squad member is picking it up from requisitions. You'll want to always be in touch with the squads making sure that they have enough supplies, if they've run out of supply beacons ask requisitions to order more or if you're in a rush ask a CT to load it onto the relevant dropship.


While you're ordering the marines about, delegating orders to the SO's and shouting at requisitions it's good to inform medical that injured are being brought up on dropships so they can prepare for the injured in the hangar, it makes the transition from the Dropship to medical smoother and a lot faster then the Doctors being surprised they just gained 10 injured out of no where. Usually this job is done by the pilot, however if you can't rely on your pilot to do this, keep in contact with the squads and tell medical your self.


If the squad you assigned to FOB duty doesn't have any engineers, don't waste time telling them to make a cardboard box fort, send down some Maintenance Technicians to get the job done right and then once they've done their job extract them back to the Almayer.

Communications Console

The communications console allows you to inform USCM High Command about the ongoing mission, make announcements for all of the marines to see, request the evacuation of the Almayer and lastly it allows you to call in a random Emergency Response Team that might save the day or ruin it depending on who answers your plea's for help.


Orders are a timed active ability that characters trained in leadership can activate. The duration of the ability is related to how high the characters leadership skill is, an example being that the commanders order will last longer then a squad leads. The intensification of the ability is also determined by the leadership skill, the higher it is the more intense the orders effects are on surrounding players. Note that these abilities do not stack and that the abilities cover your visual view range and no further.

Orders: Description:
Move! Increased mobility and chance to dodge projectiles.
Hold! Increased resistance to pain and combat wounds.
Focus! Increased gun accuracy and effective range.

Your Skillset

XO skill set.png

To find out about how the skill system works head over to the skills system page.