Chief Medical Officer

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Chief Medical Officer
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Commander / Executive Officer
Duties: Oversee the Medical/Science Department. Heal people to full recovery.
Guides: Guide to Medicine, Guide to Surgery, Guide to Chemistry


The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) is responsible for the overall health of ALL staff on the USS Almayer. That means you should be in medical at all times, ensuring patients get treated so they can go out to get hurt again. Your job also includes overseeing the research department, which is usually some researcher working on... Nothing!

You also have some limited authority over the Combat Medics, as you have absolute say (except in the case of the Commander and Executive Officer) over all medical procedures on and off of the Almayer.

Upon mission start you'll find yourself in the medical department in the centre of the ship. Report for duty on the command channel (:v) and then ask for the medical personnel to report in on the medical channel (:m) so you can gauge your workforce and effectively distribute them tasks.


When playing as the CMO you'll want to keep in contact with the medics (Note that they can get a medical radio key for their headset so they should have access to the medical channel) asking if they require any medical supplies. Make sure the pilots or medics are telling you when wounded are coming up (as the medevac system can bring back two wounded every few minutes and they can come up on the alamo) so you can have a doctor on standby in the Hangar to intercept and quickly get injured to the Medical Bay for efficient treatment. If you find that the operating theatres and autodoc aren't enough and that you need to conduct more surgeries, then you can ask Requisitions to order you a surgery crate and conduct your surgery on a roller bed.

Medication Distribution

First make note of what Medication Distribution is defined as:

 "Medication can only be distributed to trained medical personnel. Any distributions other than basic medications (found in labeled vendor pill bottles or autoinjectors) must be authorized on a case-by-case basis in written form signed by either the CMO or the Acting Commander. Combination medications (more than one medication in a pill or bottle) may never be distributed to anyone below a Doctor." 

This means to give out medications other than what is already provided, they will need to be authorized for distribution or you will violate marine law. This is a law applicable to all of the medical bay, however you as CMO can authorize medications outside of the standard arrange provided for medics and doctors. You will need a written form with your signature, and to mention each medication individually as authorization occurs on a case-by-case basis.

Keep in mind you can only provide authorized medications to medical personnel without violating marine law, and that non-medicinal drugs can never be provided legally(such as space drugs or hyperzine). Those drugs fall under the laws of Drug Distribution, or Combat Stimulants (Seen here: They may also be combination medications, which only medical staff who are at least a doctor can be given once authorized. Some sample formats for authorizing drugs for distribution follow:

A suggested form so you can authorize distribution drugs and combination medications to your doctors and researchers each round:

[b]Medication Distribution Form 339D[/b]
The Chief Medical Officer has authorized the following medications for distribution, in the form of pills or liquid containers, to doctors, researchers and the CMO aboard the almayer:
(Replace this line with the specific chemicals or combination drugs you are authorizing)
Chief Medical Officer Signature:

A suggested form for authorizing distribution of unauthorized drugs to medics and your other medical staff:

[b]Medication Distribution Form 339B[/b]
The Chief Medical Officer has authorized the following medications for distribution to the medical staff aboard the almayer, including field medics. The following medications can be provided in the form of pills or liquid containers:
(Replace this line with the specific drugs you are authorizing)
Chief Medical Officer Signature:

Use [sign] to place your signature.


Here is a basic list of your duties:

  • Treating injured marines
  • Overseeing the Medbay
  • Overseeing the Almayer Doctors and Researcher
  • Advising the Commander on matters of Health and Wellness


To accomplish your task, High Command has supplied you with the latest and greatest in Wey-Yu medical technology! In Medical, you should be able to find:

  • Four cryogenic cells
  • A Chemistry department
  • Four operating theatres, with a fifth upstairs in the morgue that is meant for autopsies.
  • An Autodoc
  • Two sleepers
  • Two body scanners
  • A handful defibrillators
  • A ton of medical kits!
  • A bunch of other supplies which can be vended from the medical vendors.

Your Skillset

CMO skillset.png

To find out about how the skill system works head over to the skills system page.

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