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Chief MP
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Marine Law, Command Staff, High Command
Duties: Enforce Marine Law. Keep the Marines and Crew safe. Assign Duties To The Military Police.
Guides: Marine Law, Server Rules


As a Chief MP, your primary duty is to instruct and command the MP's aboard the Almayer to make sure they are enforcing marine law and that the crew of the Almayer are safe from harm, whether it be rogue marines or hostile boarders.

Enforcing Marine Law may be a hard task due to Marines being armed with guns, but - if you need it - your riot suit soaks up bullets like a sponge. Still, it shouldn't be worn unless necessary. MPs start the round equipped with a flash, taser, stun baton, and some handcuffs. Mp's can use lethals to apprehend Dangerous Suspects but only after it has been deemed that the suspect cannot be subdued with non-lethals and that lethal force has been authorised upon the suspect by the Chief MP or the Acting Commander.

You do not outrank any officer on the ship, except in matters in law enforcement. Because of this, you hold the rank of Warrant Officer and are outside the normal officer and enlisted ranks. You report to the Acting Commander and are part of the command staff, however you are the last officer rank in line for command of the ship. Your primary job is to ensure that Marine Law is upheld, all prisoners are properly processed and their rights protected. Try your best to remain unbiased in all situations, but especially those in which a marine requests an analysis of their case.

Military Officers and military law enforcement agents are expected to use their best discretion when applying sentences and apprehending those who violate the above laws. Failure to do so will result in immediate contract termination at the discretion of High Command military officials and the office of the Provost Marshal.

Your Skillset

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