Chief Engineer

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Chief Engineer
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Commander
Duties: Coordinate engineering. Keep the power on.
Guides: S-52 Fusion Reactor, Construction, Guide to Engineering

"I want to know why they never come down here. This is where the work is."
- WY Chief Engineer Parker, Alien

The Chief Engineer (CE) is a commissioned USCM crewmember and head of the USS Almayer's engineering department. They are expected primarily to delegate and supervise their department's Maintenance Technicians (MTs) to overcome any engineering challenges that may present themselves on the vessel.


At the start of the mission, you'll find yourself in the engineering department at the back of the ship. Report for duty over the engineering (:e) and command (:v) channels and head for your upstairs office to gear up. Then you'll need to take account of your workforce and start getting some work done.


As the Chief Engineer, you are capable of doing everything your MTs can do - and more - but as an officer, you are expected to delegate the work to your enlisted subordinates.

Most of the time, you will only be able to rely on your Maintenance Technicians to get work done. In an emergency, you might need to rely on the Commander, Executive Officer, Squad Engineers, Staff Officers, or Requisitions Officer - in descending order of skill - to help you out with an engineering task.

The Power Grid

Your engineering department is the home of the backbone of the power grid - the S-52 Fusion Reactors and the SMESes - and so it is your chief responsibility to make sure that the reactors are working, SMES are set, and APCs are charging. Make sure to guide and delegate your MTs through setting up the power grids on both the upper and lower floors, or you will be found at fault for allowing power blackouts to happen.

The Hangar

The Pilot Officers may request help from your department to load and reload their dropships. As your MTs are faster at using the powerloader than the pilots and have less to do, you'll want to have them mount systems onto the dropship and prepare reloads and new fabricator printouts for when the POs return from a fire mission.

Maintenance Work

Broken lights, scuffed floors, trash pileups, and so on are all maintenance work, and hence something you'll need to delegate. Ensure your MTs are keeping the Almayer clean, organized, and maintained as necessary.

Almayer Projects

As the Chief Engineer, you are responsible for making sure all construction and modification work on the ship by your Maintenance Technicians is properly legally authorized and structurally sensible.

Planetside Operations

Command may find it necessary to send down you or some of your MTs to the FOB to oversee its construction. Make sure to keep in touch with your subordinates and keep them out of unnnecessary danger. You might sometimes find it useful to contact the Squad Engineers on your engineering channel, though they will usually be busy with their own squads.


The /tg/station wiki has a page on telecommunications scripts that you may decide to employ on the Almayer telecommunications server (

Do not upload scripts if you are not absolutely certain of what you are doing and it makes sense in-character; you may risk a ban otherwise.

Your Skillset

CE skill set.png

To find out about how the skill system works head over to the skills system page.

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