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"The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility...its purity. A survivor - unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality." ...Is there room enough in space for us and it?"- Ash, Alien

The Alien (A.K.A. Xenomorph) is a moderately difficult antagonist role to play aboard the Colonial Marines server. The aliens' strength comes mostly from close-quarters combat. You'll have to maintain at least a noticeable level of role-play and avoid meta-gaming situations at all costs. Your job is to serve the queen of your hive. You do not feel remorse or compassion, no needs other than to propagate and protect your own kind. If you do well, then there will be little in your way to stop you.


Starting Out

In the beginning, you are spawned in with a group of aliens, ranging from a Drone, several Runners and many Larva, aboard the mysterious planet know as LV-642 or another planet depending on the map which is being played. The amount of starting aliens scales with the number of Marines that initially join at round-start. The original aliens should have full knowledge regarding the locations and areas of the planet and human settlement to assist them in their mission of repopulation.

Several locations on the planet are prime nesting grounds, complete with a few monkeys and other animals to help repopulate. You would be wise to establish your Hive somewhere in the far northern cave network, nesting in the southern jungle is very risky.

If you're a first-timer, check the Xeno Quickstart Guide. Here are additional tips:

  • Speak in Hivemind by using :a before your message.
    • Example: Say ":a My life for the Queen!"
  • You are a slave to the Queen's will. Follow her orders or die trying - unless it's against the server rules.
  • Grow the Hive. Gather together any hosts and bring them to her chosen nest for repopulation.
  • Weeds weeds weeds. Plant weeds everywhere. While on weeds, aliens regenerate health and plasma very quickly.

Tier 1 Evolution

You have a choice of three castes of xenomorph: the Runner, the Sentinel, or the Drone. After that, advanced evolutions become available as long as the hive has a living Queen. Each caste has its pros and cons.

Job Role Difficulty
Support: Grow the hive and support the Queen. cMedium
Defence: Defend the hive,guard captured prey and eliminate and deter threats from range. cMedium
Offence: The fastest Xeno with the most constant speed (besides the Crusher). Leap over tables with ease and pounce on the enemy. Capture and harass prey. Recon threats. cHard

Tier 2 Evolution

Job Role Difficulty
Defence: Defend the hive, employ your more powerful acid to better stun targets and break down fortifications. cHard
Offence: Capture and harass prey. Use stealth to turn nearly invisible and set up ambushes or assault prey positions. cHard
Support: The ultimate support. Very large plasma capacity for spreading weeds and resin. Dig holes into the ground to create pathways for other Xenos to travel between. cMedium
Support: Carry a pile of facehuggers and throw them at prey, or use them as area denial. cHard

Tier 3 Evolution

Job Role Difficulty
Defence: Very strong and quick-firing acid. Able to melt walls quickly or stun marines from a distance. cHard
Defence/Offense: Defend the hive, support the offence. Use your powerful and long-range acid/neurotoxin "bombs" to quickly destroy the strongest of fortifications and attack humans. Use your acid/neurotoxin spray that covers the ground and stuns everything that walks on it and invokes area-denial. cHard
Offence: The bringer of death. Very powerful claws, and able to charge to close short distances. cHard
Offensive Support: Weaker in melee than the Ravager, but able to run much faster, deflect bullets using the enlarged and hardened head crest, and charge through enemy defenses. An immunity to explosions makes minesweeping a useful tactic. cHard

Tier 4 Evolution

Job Role Difficulty
Lead the hive. cVery Hard