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"You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility. [...] I admire its purity. A survivor... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality. [...] Is there room enough in space for us and it?" - Ash, Alien

The Alien (aka Xenomorph or Xeno) is one the main opposing forces of the USCM Marines during rounds on Colonial Marines. The Xenomorphs are fearsome creatures, perfected for combat to the point of challenging the Marine force with fewer numbers.

You are part of the Hive, under the Queen. You are but a manifestation of her will, and our main and only task is to expand and protect the Hive. You are fairly intelligent and capable of easily learning from the events during the infestation of the colony, yet you show no compassion or empathy. Your job will only be done when the Hive reigns over all that you can reach.


Starting Out

If you are chosen as one of the initial Xenomorphs, you will spawn as a Larva inside the colony that has just days previous been pillaged and demolished, allowing you to spread out of control and infect or slaughter the entire colonist population. While the colony is mostly safe aside from a handful of hardened Survivors stubbornly clinging to life, this may not hold true long.

The Hivemind has full knowledge of the colony on which you were born, and many of its facets, even the most complex. Its entire layout, how power and lighting functions, and where special locations are. The little of resistance the Hivemind met also granted you some knowledge on the weapons you may expect to be used against you, like guns, knifes and grenades.

One of the first tasks of the Hive is to find a nesting ground. Due to how important this nest is and how disastrous it would be for Marines to find and destroy it, it is recommended to put it in the most secluded and secure location available. Nothing prevents you from making smaller nests closer to the action, but the Larvas must stay safe.

If this is your first time as a Xenomorph, check the Xeno Quickstart Guide. Here are additional tips:

  • Speak in Hivemind by using :a before your message. Example: Say ":a My life for the Queen!"
  • You are a manifestation of the Queen's will. Follow her orders or die trying. If the orders appear to break server rules, you should warn the admins.
  • Grow the Hive. Gather together any hosts (living monkeys and humans) and bring them to the nest to incubate more Larvas.
  • Weeds are paramount to you. While off weeds, your plasma will regenerate very slowly and you will not heal. If you do need to stray off weeds, remember this dearly, do not get caught exhausted and badly wounded far from weeds. Keep in mind that to heal at a fast steady rate on weeds you need to be resting, as if you stand while on weeds to heal you'll heal significantly slower.

Tier 1 Evolution

As soon as your Larva has matured, you will be able to choose between the three initial Xenomorph castes: Drone, Runner and Sentinel. Depending on which you choose, you will then be able to progress in their respective castes. Do not underestimate them. What they lack in special abilities or raw power, they make up in being fast to upgrade into a powerful foe and always available.

Caste Role
Build the Hive and expand it with new weed nodes. Support fellow Xenomorphs with your pheromones. Occasionally plant weeds aggressively to support pushes. Use your acid to help the Hive break into places.
Scout for the Hive. Harass and ambush Marines, especially lone wolfs. Flank positions during sieges and stand-offs. Gather hosts.
Guard the nests until hosts mature. Provide ranged support in combat by stunning foes from afar. Use your acid to help the Hive break into places.

Tier 2 Evolution

After a while as a Tier 1 Xenomorph, you will build up evolution until you are finally able to advance. There, depending on the Hive's size and existing higher tier Xenomorphs, you may be able to Evolve on the spot, or have to wait for another spot to free up, continuing to Upgrade in your current caste in the meantime. Whatever the case, you will no doubt see yourself becoming one of these castes should you stay alive long enough.

Caste Role
Carry huggers around, allowing the Hive to impregnate new hosts on the move. Use pheromones to assist fellow Xenomorphs.
Shape the Hive to your will with a massive plasma reserve. Become one with weeds and sprint around weeded terrain like a Runner. Create tunnels to bypass harsh terrain. Use pheromones to assist fellow Xenomorphs.
Disable and capture lone prey. Use your natural cloak to stalk around and spy on Marine positions. Act as one of the Hive's main line combatants.
Protect your fellow Xenomorphs with a corrosive acid spit, allowing you to damage hosts from a distance and deny areas or lanes of fire to them. Use your strong acid to quickly melt into places.

Tier 3 Evolution

While you can rapidly access Tier 3 by evolving again, it is certainly a serious responsibility. There will usually only be one or two of each of these castes in every Hive, and their loss can throw the Hive into disarray. If you do decide to Evolve, wield your new power carefully. Remember that even Tier 3 Xenomorphs need to upgrade to unlock their full potential, Young Tier 3 Xenomorphs can be weaker in some aspects than Ancient Tier 1 Xenomorphs.

Caste Role
Bring the Hive's ranged combat castes to their maximum potential with long range acid glob shots, allowing you to bombard and heavily damage areas after a bit of setup. Use your enhanced vision to locate targets without being seen and shot. Use your acid spray for close range defense. Use your incredibly strong acid to make short work of everything in your way.
Make use of your armored front crest and your massive body to shield and tank bullets. Eat up explosions without flinching thanks to your thick hide. Charge your foes down and stomp on them to dislodge every single bone in their body.
Act as a surrogate Queen. Use your powerful pheromones to lead and support major assaults. Enjoy even stronger neurotoxin and acid spits. Use a special resin spit to cover a small area in mobility-inhibiting sticky resin. Use your strong acid to quickly melt into places.
Bring death to all that face you. Use a powerful, short range leap to knock a Marine off their feet and finish them off with powerful blows capable of chopping limbs clean off. Ambush, hit and run or even frontal assaults are all options for you.

Tier 4 Evolution

The Queen is in her own, informal category. Unlike all other Xenos, she will usually appear immediately at the start of a round, and her death will throw the Hive into disarray. If she can be replaced, she is also unique, and should she go missing all other Xenos will be unable to evolve any further. If this goes on for too long, the Hive might very well rot away.

Caste Role
Lead your Hive to victory over the Marines. Use your powerful pheromones and your command abilities to organise the Hive. Lay eggs to create facehuggers and gain more Larvas. Use your screech to defend yourself and signal pushes. Use your acid to melt into places.

Event-Specific Xeno Hives

For special events, Admins may spawn in Xenomorphs of different hives that operate independently of the primary hive, with their own Queen and structure. This is like a Squad for Marines, but for Xenomorphs. They are distinguished by name and color, with the names having prefixes like "Corrupted" "Alpha", "Beta", "Zeta", and so on. Depending on the event, they may be tasked with helping the original hive, attacking it, or be sided with the humans as enslaved Xenomorphs.

These Xenomorph hives will never appear in normal play, and must be spawned in by an Admin.

Maybe there's more than just these Xenomorphs above... It'd be best to find out their purpose and their evolutions to yourself. You'll know them, one day.