Predator Code Of Honor

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Predator Code Of Honor

Postby apophis775 » 10 Jul 2015, 17:44

This is the predator code of honor. Anyone who is a predator will be REQUIRED to follow it (along with the predator rules). It's sort of the equalivent of "marine Law", except it's included as something you MUST follow in the rules. It may also FREQUENTLY update. Meaning if your whitelisted IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK IT FOR UPDATES BEFORE YOU PLAY AS A PRED. Ignorance, will result in removal from whitelist.

  1. Hunting Worthy Game: When hunting, the hunter must be sure that his prey is considered game. To be considered "prey" and be lawful to kill the prey much fit the following requirements:
    • Can defend itself and/or is able to kill the hunter (SSD is a big no-no, same with marines who are in crit and bleeding out with some exceptions listed below)
    • Not linked to other lives (e.g. if you come across a marine dragging another marine alone, neither are prey, unless they were previously engaged as prey).
    • Is not Struck with diseases or injuries preventing a honorable hunt (someone who has lost limbs and not had them replaced yet).
  2. Claiming the Kill of Another Hunter: To take the Trophy of another Yautja, living or dead, is considered to be a great insult. If a Yautja is engaging prey in combat you should not interfere unless directly given permission. No matter how powerful the prey might be.
  3. Murder of Another Yautja: To kill another Yautja intentionally (outside an honorable duel). This is the worst crime possible by a Yautja.
  4. Killing while cloaked: It is very dishonorable for a hunter to kill prey while he is cloaked. It ignores all laws of fair and honorable hunting, and giving the prey a fighting chance. You may hunt and chase your prey while cloaked (a stun shot or two is fine), but once you are prepared to engage and fight (more than just chasing it or luring it) and kill it, you must decloak. The only exception, is removing obstacles between yourself. For example if you are hunting the queen, and marines attack you (not join the hunt, but physically attack you) then you may cloak and engage them to chase them off. Fighting while cloaked, should be limited to breaking up large groups, or forcing marines to retreat. Your focus should not be to kill, but to divert, distract, or force to retreat your targets.
  5. Never harm the innocent: Those who have done no harm should have no harm done to them. (Survivors, Doctors/engineers on the sulaco. If they don't qualify as prey, don't hurt them.)
  6. Wounded Game: When coming upon game wounded by another hunter, and the animal is dying without sport, show honor to another's kill. If the game still shows sport, it is to be joint trophy. (If a marine is super wounded from a battle with another predator, don't finish him off unless he's still fairly capable of fitting into the "prey" designation).
  7. Honor Duels: Predators, may challenge either other predators or prey (mostly humans) they deem worthy to "honor duels". They challenger MUST provide the challenged with an appropriate hand-to-hand weapon. Ranged weapons are FORBIDDEN against each other (you may use a ranged weapon to chase away unruly observers or people who interfere). The duel must be fought as honorable as possible, but is to the death (however, it's recommended that if you knock them down or disarm them, you let them recover if they can before a final blow). Failure to do-so is a GREAT STAIN against your own honor.
  8. Mercy: Those who defeat you in a fair Hunt (or honorable duel) and show you mercy or are the victors in dangerous hunts (against a queen or multiple T3s for example) are to be considered our equals. You must bestow them with a reward or gift. Alternatively, if you're in crit, attempt to kill them with your bracers to give them an honorable death.

  9. Code Violations: Those who break the code are renegades, and no longer considered to be a Yautja. (You'll be banned from being predator ever again) - EXCEPTION: For RP events, Admins (not mods) may authorize a single predator to function as a "bad-blood" and be hunted by the other predators.

EXCEPTION: Elders (A "super-special" type of predator that is granted by Head staff to exceptional Yautja Players) may make exceptions to this code for role-play or game progression reasons with Admin direction (meaning, an Admin will tell YOU which parts you can ignore, don't ahelp asking to murderbone) similar to how Weyland Liaisons can sometimes get exceptions to the standard rules. These will be reserved primarily for ROLE PLAY SITUATIONS. So, if you see a predator breaking the honor code, there is a chance it MAY be legal. Your best bet is to wait till the end of the round (or the predators death) to see what the staff say about it. Normally, if they were given special exceptions, they'll be set as a traitor and have specific goals (which should appear after the round). A STAFF MEMBER MAY NOT GRANT THEMSELVES THIS ABILITY. IT CAN ONLY BE GIVEN BY ANOTHER STAFF MEMBER. If abuse is discovered, it counts as Predator and ADMIN abuse.

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